Government and Economics ID Period 5

  • United States Government and Economics 12 ID-

    Ms. Stritzl/Mrs. Salimian



    United States Government and Economics is a course that explores the structure of our government, how it works for us, and how we play a role in our own government. We will also cover economics as it applies practically to the lives of students about to graduate from high school. There will be no regents or final exam in this course. However a Participation in Government (PIG) paper is required for graduation.


    Objectives of this course:

    -         to provide students with the opportunity to explore the different levels of government

    -         to make both personal and historical connections to content that will lead to in-depth understanding

    -         to investigate many political perspectives

    -         to research one issue facing the country in great depth

    -         to practice writing, particularly the PIG paper

    -         to examine different aspects of financial literacy



    There is no textbook for this course.



    -         Loose-leaf binder with paper

    -         Pen/pencil

    -         Positive attitude



    Quizzes may be announced or unannounced and can be on any day.

    This course is LARGELY based on classroom performance and participation. There will be very few quizzes and tests, unless deemed necessary. Assessments will be mainly based on classroom participation, activities, and writing.


    **Extra Help is every Monday after school in Room 612.