Transitional Seminar

  • Welcome to Transitional Seminar! This course is a combination of a support class, such as Guided Study or Resource Room, and a transitional support for post High School life. YES, you will be receiving help with your PIG papers, and other High School coursework and graduation requirements. However, there will be a focus as well on helping to transition you toward your future. Whether you plan to move on to vocation, trade school, two-year college, four-year college, or anything else, we will be helping to prepare you for that next step. In order to do this, you will be given some assignments throughout the year in this course. We will be working on various assignments in this course EVERY Wednesday that we meet.


    This class is a PRIVILEGE. Unlike your past support classes, you will receive .5 credits for this course. This also means that it is possible to fail this course, if requirements are not met, or if attendance is an issue.  We hope that this class will be rewarding and beneficial to you! However, if you are not using this course appropriately, you will lose this privilege.


    Below are some of the topics/assignments that may be covered throughout the year:

              Writing a resume

              Writing a college essay

              College application process

              Identifying individual goals, interests, and career interests

              Identifying compatible jobs/careers

              Locations and availability of jobs/careers

    Community service opportunities

    Analyzing appropriate/compatible schools and vocation


                                          ……………………………………..and more!


    We look forward to a great year!