Interesting Math Problems

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    Problem 1 posted on 3/18/12

    Factor (a+b)(a+2b)(a+3b)(a+4b) + 4b4


    Problem 2 posted on 4/22/13

    Factor a3 + b3 + c- 3abc 


    Problem 3 posted on 12/24/13

    It takes Bubaba 8 hours, Pupepe 3.6 hours, and Lulala 2 hours to build a gadget. At 1pm, Bruce Wayne called to request this gadget by 3 pm. Bubaba started right away. At 1:30, Pupepe joined Bubaba. What time should Lulala join them so that they can finish building the gadget at exactly 3pm?


    Problem 4 posted on 1/6/14

    There is only one positive integer which is exactly twice the sum of its digits. What is this two-digit number?