Configuring Herricks Email

  • How to Setup Herricks Email on Personally Owned Mobile Devices

    Herricks personnel may configure their personally owned mobile devices to receive Herricks e-mail. Note that the District/Technology Department does not take any responsibility for personally owned mobile devices.

    If attempting to setup your email while in district, turn off your wireless and do so using your 3G/4G connectivity.

    In general, to receive Herricks e-mail on a personally owned mobile device, try configuring the e-mail using the correct choice for your device from the following settings. This example will use John Doe as a fictional Herricks employee.

    Security: You are responsible for securing your personally owned mobile device. It is recommended that you password protect all smartphones/tablets to protect data in case a device is stolen or lost.

    Password Changes: Each time you change your Herricks Email/Network password, you will need to change that password on your personal devices. Failure to do so will lock your account after five unsuccessful login attempts.

    Email Migration Information

    Once the email migration to Outlook Online has been completed, (expected completion date June 14th) 
    you will have to access your email by going to


    Mail Server Name (Only if prompted) -

    All links are the website will be re-directed to this new location.

    You will need to enter your COMPLETE Herricks email address in the box, ex:


    Accessing Your Herricks Email Using a Browser - Post Migration

    Setup Outlook email using the iOS (Apple) Mail app

    Setup Outlook Email on an Android Device