Reading Logs:  Due by the end of each month

    1st Grade: Color 1 picture for each book you read. 

    2nd Grade:

    1. Set a goal for how many days you would like to read this month.

    2. Color one picture for every 15-20 minutes you spend on one of the activities below.

    3. Then answer the questions on your reading log in your neatest handwriting.

    Click on the Monthly Reading Logs tab on my teacher page for more information.

    Super Reader Book Bags:

    • Students will choose 6 books each Monday.
    • Book Bags are to return to school every Friday.
    • Reading these books counts towards the Reading Log.
    • Please click here for digital directions for book baggies and access to additional reading logs. 


    Rainbow Words:

    All homework materials will be in your child's yellow homework folder.

    Please note the color dot on the top right-hand side of the folder for group color. 


    Homework Due/Test Dates: 

    Red Words: Friday, November 3rd

    Orange Words: Friday, December 1st

    Yellow Words: Friday, December 22nd 

    Green Words: Friday, January 26th

    Blue Words: Friday, February 16th

    Purple Words: Friday, March 16th

    White Words: Friday, April 19th


    Optional  Homework Resources for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade:


    Reading A-Z 

    • 10-15 minutes 4x weekly


    Reflex Math

    • 15 minutes 4x weekly

    Laptop  Online Activities / Typing Club  

    Typing Club

    • 15 minutes 2x weekly.

    Laptop   To access these tools, click on Herricks ClassLink, then sign in using your child's @herricksk12.org Google account.

    Your child's Google Sign-on is taped on the left side of the home/school folder. 


    Additional Resources:

    Scholastic Let's Find Out: 1st Grade 

    Scholastic News:  2nd Grade

     ⬇️ ⬇️  Directions  ⬇️ ⬇️   

    Scholastic LFO/News Family Sharing


    Studies Weekly: Check your child's Homework Folder for sign-on information.