• Herricks Youth Council is a community organization comprised of youth, parents, school district personnel, representatives of local community agencies, and law enforcement. Herricks Youth Council is dedicated to the prevention of violence and substance abuse within the Herricks community. It is designed to bring adults and youths together in an organized environment to fulfill the different interests of our diverse student population. Youth Council gets the students involved in recreational, community service and excursion activities. Youth Council would like to thank our various sources of funding, Grants from Federal, State, Town, The Herricks Community Fund, and The Herricks School District, who all aide in making theses programs possible.

    The Middle School Youth Council Recreation program is run by Tara Krinsky, a Herricks Health and Physical Education teacher, and a trained staff of certified teachers, college students and Herricks High School Juniors and Seniors. The Friday Night program for 6th, 7th and 8th graders operates in the Middle School from 7 - 9pm. Middle School students are required to sign a contract. A $10.00 admission fee is required each Friday night, and includes pizza, drinks and snacks along with the other activities. Non-Herricks students are welcome with a Library card, parental permission and the $10.00 fee.

    This program provides students with a safe, drug and violence free environment using various recreational activities such as arts and crafts, sports activities, acting, dance, DJ, music, movies, video and board games, and community service activities. There has been exceptional student involvement and the program has been run successfully for many years now.
    If we can be of any service to our community, or you are able to help out the Herricks Youth Council, please contact us at 516-742-1926.