• Intuitive Eating
    On April 4, 2022, The Parent Education Community Awareness (PECA) committee sponsored a workshop titled, Intuitive Eating, featuring Dr. Jill Silverman who is Assistant Professor of Nutrition Sciences at Farmingdale State College, a registered Dietitian, a Nutritionist, the Chair of Herricks Nutrition Committee and a Herricks parent.

    Her presentation focused on:
    —-Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) - what is working for our kids and what is not?
    —-What is intuitive eating and how can we adapt to this eating lifestyle while still highlighting healthy food choices for our children?
    —-What are the disadvantages of teaching our kids "good" vs "bad" foods and/or the "eat this so you can get that" approach to food consumption?
    —-Healthy relationship with food starts in childhood and how do we, as parents, model for our children, especially post-COVID with the development of maladaptive eating behaviors and weight gain on the rise.
    —-What are the contributing factors on weight gain due to a higher consumption of "comfort foods", less frequent physical activity, increased sedentariness, and an increase in emotional eating?

    You can see a video recording of this talk below:

    Screen Time Management

    Dr. Fraser, clinical psychologist, gave a talk for the Herricks Parent community on Feb 2, 2022 on Screen Time Management. He provides us with a digital toolkit that can support our efforts to work with our children.

    Videos that provide a good start to a conversation about screen use/technology between parents and kids.

    Websites  that are full of more parent resources/videos on a wide range of topics:
    CommonSenseMedia.org and InternetMatters.org

    Below is a link to a "consumer reports"-like review of parental control apps...PARENTS: IF YOU EXPECT YOUR CHILD TO WEAR A SEATBELT IN A CAR, DON'T GIVE YOUR CHILD A PHONE WITHOUT SOME FORM OF PARENTAL CONTROL APP!!

    A link to Dr. Fraser's website page with my Digital Parenting Quiz and  "iPledge" contract...the contract is a simple one-page (for PARENT and CHILD) that adheres to his model of Safe, Responsible, Respectful use of technology.

    A link to the NYTIMES series on CYBER PREDATORS: Video Games and Online Chats Are ‘Hunting Grounds’ for Sexual Predators https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2019/12/07/us/video-games-child-sex-abuse.html

    Parents should watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix with their children. It will help open up the conversation about technology use and the dark side, straight from the mouths of the designers in Silicon Valley about how the devices/apps were designed to control us and keep us hooked.