• Rainbow

    Learning how to read “Trick Words” is an important part of your child becoming a successful reader. “Trick Words” are words that are not exactly decodable and need to be recognized simply by sight. In order to help students learn and learn these words, we are using a system called, "Rainbow Words."

    Each color of the rainbow has 10 trick words students will need to learn and use correctly in their writing. We work our way through each set of words in the rainbow. By the end of the year, students are expected to have been exposed to 70 trick words in all. Your child will receive color coded flashcards for each color of the rainbow, beginning with red. Although students will spend time working on these words in class, they are also expected to practice them at home as part of their nightly homework. Students will be tested on these words and informally assessed in their written work. You will be aware of their progress, as tests will need to be signed and returned to school. When your child has successfully learned all the words with automaticity (recognized each word within 3 seconds) and can correctly use the words in their writing, he/she will move on to the next group of words. I highly encourage you to take an active part in helping your child master all levels of the Rainbow Words. Your child’s ability to read and use these words will help him/her become a successful reader and writer now, and in the years to come!

    Together we can build strong readers, and help all students have a wonderful year! Thank you  in advance for your support!