We are excited to have you on campus!!!  Freshman year is a very exciting time as high school is a new school, a clean slate and a time to make new friends and have exciting experiences. 

    During the first year of high school, students should take time to think about what they want their high school experience to be.  Do you want to meet more people, try new clubs and activities?  Do you want to be more organized or have better study skills? Take a look at the links below.  This is your time to focus on what your goals are to learn how to implement them for the new school year. 


    Tips for Success:


    Smart Goals




    Study Tips




    Time Management




    Stress Relief






    This is the perfect time to hone in on those skills that you want to improve.  What went well this past school year and what did not go as planned? How can you improve it?  Take time to look at the Tips for Success above.  Did you get involved in clubs or sports this year? If not, take a look at what your options are for next year (see the link above under clubs or below for athletics).


    Are you interested in learning more about the upcoming SAT or ACT exams? Are you considering taking the PSAT as a sophomore?  Want to know more about AP exams?  Sophomores should consider taking the PSAT as a practice exam in October (see school calendar for exact date).  This is just practice; colleges do not see these scores.

    If you are taking an AP exam this year, please be sure to read your emails and listen to announcements about the deadlines and payment.

    For more information about testing, take a look at these links:

              -PSAT: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10

              -SAT: https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat

    -ACT: https://www.act.org/content/act/en/students-and-parents/college-planning-resources/testing-advice-for-the-act.html

              -AP: https://apstudents.collegeboard.org/what-is-ap

    Preparing for standardized tests can be daunting; when to start, where to go, what to do. Therefore, below are some helpful guidelines to follow:

    • If you took the PSAT in October, you will receive your PSAT results in December. Review your scores to understand the areas you need to improve on.
    • Take a practice ACT and SAT, to determine which exam you prefer, the format of the questions and the timing.  Students can do this through the method test prep app or go to a testing agency and request a diagnostic test of both.  Agencies charge a nominal fee for diagnostic tests and will review the results with you to help you determine which exam you are better suited for.
    • Families can determine the best way to prepare for standardized exams, either online, through the Method Test Prep app all Herricks students have access to https://www.herricks.org/Page/12315 , on their own or through a tutor or agency.  If you decide to go with an agency, make sure that the instructors are not college students, but adults who focus on this for a living and can provide you with the best strategies and services possible.  Ensure that they get to know you as a learner and will help you to focus on the areas that you need to improve and supply you with regular diagnostic exams to gauge your improvement.  Some test centers include: Method Test Prep or Curvebreakers, both located in Mineola.
    • Once you decide on the test you want to take, start preparing for the summer before junior year.  This will provide you with ample time to test throughout your junior year.
    • Depending on your schedule, if you are an accelerated student, meaning that you have completed Algebra II/trigonometry, by the end of sophomore year, you will have covered the required math on the SAT/ACT; therefore, you are a good candidate to test in the fall of your junior year.  If you have not completed Algebra II, wait until the spring of junior year to test. 
    • Take a look at www.actstudent.org or www.collegeboard.org to find test dates for both exams.
    • If you take AP exams in May, this is NOT a good time to focus on the SAT, rather, take the exam in March or June, so you can focus on doing your best on your AP exams.
    • Taking SATs or ACTs more than three times is not recommended, as students tend to get test burnout and they should be prepared going into each test.  If you feel you must take a fourth time, that is fine, but please try to remember that taking the exam five or six times is not necessary, as there are many test optional colleges.

    Last note, sophomores, please utilize your Naviance accounts that you created in freshman year, as a college search engine. Guidance / Naviance Student How to Guide (herricks.org)




    You have a big year ahead of you, so take this summer to get a jump start on researching colleges, learning more about upcoming standardized exams and building your activity resume.

    College planning timeline


    • Be sure to take the PSAT, even if you took it in 10th grade.  It is important to get the practice in.  The October PSAT date can be found on the school calendar.
    • Utilize your college tracking tool, Naviance.  Each student has their own account (9-12 grade).
    • Attend college fairs in the fall, winter and spring of junior year, in school and those that are local.
    • Also, check out our College Corner site for more information: https://sites.google.com/herricksk12.org/herricks-hs-college-corner/home


    Social Emotional Corner

    Throughout the year, you should always find ways to take care of yourself emotionally.  Take a look at our site for some helpful and fun tips: 




    For Mental Health Resources, please visit: https://www.herricks.org/Page/14013 



    A message from our Social Workers:


    Herricks Peer Partners


    The “Herricks Peer Partners” Program is a school-based one-on-one mentoring program, facilitated for students by students. This leadership program supports student advocacy and provides the opportunity to form meaningful connections within the high school student body by meeting 1:1 with students of all grades. The Peer Partners have been formally trained by Mentor New York in mentoring skills, boundaries, active listening, humility, vulnerability, and fostering growth mindsets.


    Part of the Peer Partner training is about building developmental relationships by expressing care, providing support, challenging growth, sharing power, and expanding possibilities. Peer Partners are matched with students based on mutual interests and available periods during the school day. Peer Partner matches meet 1-2x monthly, during school hours. The Peer Partners' goal is for all students to feel supported and to de-stigmatize by reaching out for help. This is a chance to connect with your Herricks peers and build healthy, strong, positive relationships in school! Students can discuss any topic of interest with their Peer Partners. Some partners discuss mindfulness, healthy relationships, peer pressure, mental health, coping with stress, study tips, time management, and communication styles.


    Incoming freshmen, please visit us at the activities fair this summer at Bagels and Locks! If you are interested in signing up to work with a Peer Partner for the next school year, please email Mrs. Sheets, tsheets@herricks.org or visit Mrs. Sheets in the Counseling Center at the beginning of the school year! 


    Note: This is a school-based program! During after-school hours or in a state of crisis, please reach out to the Long Island Crisis Center Hotline (516) 679-1111. In an emergency, please dial 9-1-1.


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    Facilitator(s): Mrs. Sheets, School Social Worker tsheets@herricks.org


    A few guidance events during the year:


    Mini College Fairs











    SAFE Center talks about Unhealthy Relationships





    Business College Panel in collaboration with DECA




    Wellness Team "Check on a Friend" Mental Health campaign 





    Senior Signing Day


















    Celebrating Pride Month





    Freshmen Personal Best Awards