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    Students, please note that ClassLink is not a replacement for Google Classroom. It is a website that centralizes logins and applications. Once logged into ClassLink, students can see their available apps (For ex: Brainpop, Castle Learning, Newsela, and shortcuts to the Herricks website, and more) on their ClassLink home screen. By clicking on a section called “My Backpack”, students can see their schedule and apps currently associated with their classes. They will be able to access software titles that have a shared login credential and clicking on the icons will allow them to be signed in automatically.

    student backpack

    Sign in with your Herricksk12 Google account here: herricks.org/classlink

    Some quick notes for Parents/Guardians: 
    How to find your child’s login details:
    If you don’t know your child’s username or password for ClassLink, it is his/her Herricksk12 Google account.
    How to log in on a computer or laptop:
    The official Herricks ClassLink login page is: www.herricks.org/classlink
    You can also go to launchpad.classlink.com and search for your school’s login page by entering your school in the search bar.
    How to log in on a mobile device:
    If your child is using a smartphone, tablet, iPad, or other mobile device, you’ll need to install the ClassLink LaunchPad mobile app from the App Store. (Choose the app named “ClassLink LaunchPad”). Android users can use the ClassLink LaunchPad App on the Google Play Store.
    Once you install the app, you can choose your school or district from the dropdown list and proceed to the login screen.
    You cannot use the browser (ie. Safari) on a mobile device to access the ClassLink website.

    Additionally, some apps in ClassLink may require a browser extension to be installed. Proceed to install the extension if an app in ClassLink prompts you to do so.

    Click the image below for a Quick Guide: