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Class Supplies

Class Supplies

  • The following supplies are needed for physics class (this year, there cannot be any sharing of supplies):

    • Multi-subject notebook & folder/Binder with looseleaf
    • Your own personal Expo whiteboard markers...Black + any colors you like (must be white board compatible---we supply the whiteboard)
    • A CLEAN OLD sock....(to protect your safety, you will use your own clean old sock to clean whatever you write onto the whiteboard)
    • Zip Lock bag for your sock and Expo pens
    • Pens, pencils, color pencils
    • Centimeter Ruler
    • Protractor
    • Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calculator is okay)
    • Marble Bound Graph Paper Notebook (PLEASE, NO OTHER TYPE)

    Please note:  The Graph Paper Notebooks are available in the school store.
    School Supplies Compass, Scale, And Graph Paper Stock Photo - Image of  squares, tools: 32992616