• AP 1 Physics Expectations


    Welcome back to school!  I am looking forward to working with you this year and want to highlight my expectations of you, and share what you can expect from me.  


    This class will prepare you for the regents exam and the College Board AP Exam


    Your assignments will be graded in this way:


    Assessments 50%

    Labs 30%

    Homework/Participation 20%

    My expectations of you:


    • Come to class prepared
      • This means you have all the tools necessary to be fully engaged
    • Complete your homework and labs on time
      • Homework should be a fun extension of class.  I want you to work on a problem but I also want you to STOP and see me the next day if you get really stuck (sometimes a break from the problem will give you a new perspective when you reattempt that problem).
      • Do try hard but DO NOT drive yourself to frustration
    • You will develop a strong sense of independence.  This class is designed to operate so  that you will discover physical relationships through the process of experimentation.  
      • You can expect that there WILL be times when this feels unsettling but know that this is a natural step in the process of learning and discovery.  Also know that when needed, you will be given guidance.   


    What you can expect from me:


    • Patience (you can remind me that I promised you this)
    • I will provide a learning space for each of you with a goal that each of you becomes a powerful driving force in your own education 
      • What this means is that I won’t give you answers….(very little value)
      • I will give you guidance and work with you until you’ve made the connections that reveal the answer. (the value here is that you be developing your own problem solving skills)

    Dr. Gloster