For Mental Health Awareness month students identified coping skills they used to help themselves.
  • Every day we can experience a wide range of feelings. It's important to teach our kids that all feelings we have are okay, but it's what we do with those feelings that matter. Teaching kids how to cope with stressors of life is imperative. We want to start teaching kids as early as possible to identify a variety of coping strategies that work for them so they can be able to utilize these skills independently when they need them the most. It's important to know that not every coping skills is adaptable to every situation or will work for you, which is why it's important to find more than one that help you to feel better!

    Coping Strategies for Kids:

    Deep breathing


    Practicing deep breathing can be fun!

    These items can be used to help kids practice taking deep breaths:

    - Bubbles

    - Pinwheels

    - Feathers

    Rainbow Breath

    Belly Breath with Elmo




    Be creative! Using art can be very calming.

    Whether it's creating your own drawings or coloring pictures, do what makes you feel best!

    Mandalas For Kids


    Taking a walk & spend time outside


    Fresh air is important! Take a walk, ride a bike, go the park!


    Getting a drink of water


    Staying hydrated is not just improtant for our physical health, but our mental health too!




    Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the here and now. There are many benefits to practicing mindfulness and helping us to feel centered and calm in our own body and mind. Visit Herricks Mindfulness Website for resources!

    Herricks Mindfulness Website

    Mindfulness Crafts to Make at Home 



    Make your own Calming Bottle


    Easy to make and easy to use!

    When you are upset give your bottle a shake and then watch the glitter settle to the bottom. While you are watching, take deep breaths and think about those negative thought and feelings slowly fading away just like the glitter.

    Here is a video tutorial on how to make them. I also add food coloring and glitter glue to add a little extra color! How to Make Your Own Calming Bottle


    Don't have one when you need it? This video is an alternative! Calming Bottle Video



    Use your 5 senses to help bring you back to the present


    5 Things You See

    4 Things You Feel

    3 Things You Hear

    2 Things You Smell

    1 Thing You Taste



    Physical activity is a great way to feel better!  You can do push ups, sit ups, running, playing a sport, jumping jacks, jump rope, any movement! Just get up and go!


    Squeeze a stress ball or play with Play Doh


    Don't have one at home? Make your own!

    DIY Stress Ball

    Make Your Own Stress Ball


    Read a book


    Books can take us on a new adventure!

    Take some time to read a great book and see how you feel after!


    Think of a happy place or memory


    Everybody has their own happy place. It could be your room, a favorite vacation spot, a place you feel safe. Imagine yourself spending time there or a remember favorite time you had there!


    Yoga or stretching



    Alo Yoga For Kids


    Talk to a friend or trusted adult


    It's important not to hold our feelings inside. Find someone you trust and let them know how you are feeling. Remember, no one can read minds!


    Do a puzzle


    Puzzles can help us take our mind off of what is bothering us and focus our attenton on something else.


    Do something nice for someone


    Acts of kindness can help us feel great! Do something kind for someone else and see how it makes you and them feel!





    Writing down your feelings is a great way to express yourself. You can choose to share your writing with others or keep it to yourself. 







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