• Friday Morning Word Work

    Word of the Day

    The cars came to halt when the ducklings crossed the road.

     Analogy of the Day

    rose : bush:: apple : tree





    Thursday Morning Word Work

    Word of the Day

    Mrs. Wordly packed the perishable food for the beach in a cooler to keep it fresh.

    perishable means something that can spoil


    Analogy of the Day

    bloom : blossom :: quick : fast

    The analogy is synonyms


     Wednesday Morning Word Work

    Word of the Day

    When Searingtown Road was being paved the Wordly Family had to take a detour to get to school.

    detour is having to take a different way because the usual way is blocked

    Analogy of the Day

    brim : edge :: happy : glad

    The relationship is synonyms



    Tuesday Morning Word Work 

    Word of the Day

    Rania likes to keep her room tidy. She puts her clothes away in her drawers and closet. All  her books and toys are neatly placed on the bookshelf. 

    tidy  means neat and orderly

    Idiom of the Day

    June : 6 :: September : 9

    The relationship is the month number

    June is the sixth month of the year

    and September is the ninth month of the year. 


    Monday Morning Word Word 

    Idiom of the Week

    "Kids you need to step on it if you want to get to the drive-in movie before it starts!" Mr. Wordly shouted.

    Word of the Day

    Wai knew the benefit of a good night's rest and a healthy breakfast on his running. He would feel strong and ready to race.


     Analogy of the Day

    cyclist : bicycle ::  swimmer : pool