• Students will now have access to the class library. Please review the Lending Library Contract with your child, sign it, and return it to school no later than Monday, October 2nd.  Lending Library Contracts must be signed and returned before children can borrow books. 

    • Please note that children will be responsible for the book baggies and the contents. 
    • Each night after reading, have your child return the books and its contents back inside the book bag and place the bag in their backpack. Return the baggie to school daily
    • Book bags and all contents are due back in class every Friday
    • Books must come back to school in order to exchange for new books. 
    • If there is no school on a Monday, the book exchange will happen on the next scheduled school day.
    • Book baggies will not go home during short weeks of school, such as the week of Thanksgiving.
    • Book baggies will not go home over school vacations.   

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