IC Staff Development

  • Within Professional Development, skills are grouped in related standards. A Standard is the overarching task to be accomplished, such as Manage Assignments. Skills within that object are the different actions required to complete the task, such as Copy assignments from one course to anotherand Manage categories for scored assignments. Learners access skill-specific content by clicking on a skill. Links lead to various types of content, described as follows

There are four types of content available for each skill:

  • Documentation: Links the learner to in-depth articles on the Campus Knowledge Base, which describe tools and processes, including contextual knowledge and dependencies.

    Video: Links the learner to tutorial videos.

    Simulation: Links the learner to simulations which guide the learner click-by-click through a certain task.

    Curriculum: Links the learner to pared-down instructions about how to complete a task.


IC Staff Development Module

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