• Monthly Reading Logs

    Students will be responsible for completing a monthly reading log. The log will come home at the beginning of each month. At the end of the month, students turn it in to receive credit and a special sticker. 

    Should you lose your reading log or need an additional one, click the link above to get access to the PDF. 

    Kindergarten and 1st Grade Students: Color one picture for each book you read OR for every 15 minutes spent on one of the activities below.

    Reading activities can be ANY of the following:

    1. Independent reading

    2. Shared reading with an ddult

    3. Bedtime stories

    4. Read online with Raz Kids

    5. Making a shopping list using a store circular

    6. Watching T.V with closed captioning on

    7. Naming letters and/or identifying sounds all around

    8. Reading/identifying words all around  



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