• Monthly Reading Logs

    Students will be responsible for completing a monthly reading log. The log will come home at the beginning of each month. At the end of the month, students turn it in to receive credit and a special sticker. 

    Should you lose your reading log or need an additional one, click below for the appropriate grade pdf.

    1st Grade Reading Log

    2nd Grade Reading Log


    1st Grade Students: Color 1 picture for each book you read. 

    2nd Grade Students:

    1. Set a goal for how many days you would like to read this month.

    2. Color one picture for every 15-20 minutes you spend on one of the activities below.

    3. Then answer the questions on your reading log in your neatest handwriting.

    Reading activities can be ANY of the following:

    1. Independent reading

    2. Shared reading with an adult

    3. Bedtime stories

    4. Read online with Raz Kids

    5. Making a shopping list using a store circular

    6. Watching T.V with closed captioning on

    7. Naming letters and/or identifying sounds all around

    8. Reading/identifying words all around

    9. Making a "To Do" list

    10. Superhero Book Bags 



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