• Raising Readers

    Quick and easy activities parents can do to help their children build their reading fluency at home.

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  • Super Duper Writers

    Writing is an essential skill. It is more than just putting words on paper. Writing is a process of communication that plays an important role in your child’s life—both in and out of the classroom. Parents can make a big difference in helping a child develop writing skills by encouraging writing activities that are simple and fun. The following are activities parents can do with their child to promote writing at home.

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  • Encouraging Math at Home

    Math is everywhere. That’s great news for parents because we can talk with our kids about math in a fun, natural way. And that kind of math-talk is really important.

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  • Home Schedule Cards

    How stressed are you by daily routines? What about your children? It's something we, as parents, do as a household every day, but why is it so stressful?? Most families do not use a visual schedule at home, but many students use a visual schedule at school. The attached PDF contains visual picture cards for home and daily routines that may help make things easier at home. 

    Below are some examples:



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