You Can Do It!

    Tardy Policy Tardies will result in a loss of warm-up and participation points.

    Cell Phone Policy Cell phones are a distraction to your learning. Keep them out of sight and out of mind while in class.

    Copying/Academic Dishonesty Copying is plagiarism and is unacceptable. Copying any test or assignment will result in a zero for that test or assignment for all students involved.

    Make-up Work Policy

    • If you miss a class, whether by sickness or field trip, it is your responsibility to make up the material and turn your work in on time. Check our Google classroom daily
    • If you miss a test or quiz, you are responsible for taking the test the day you return unless the absence has been excessive. Upon your return to school, you are responsible for contacting me to schedule a make-up test. 



    I have read and agreed to the terms of the class contract. I will give 100% effort in this class. I acknowledge and will strive to meet the class expectations, and I will follow all class and school rules. I realize that I will be challenged in this class and it is my choice to accept the challenge. I will be prepared, on time, and respectful to my teacher, classmates, and myself.