• Math Strategies

    Students use various problem solving strategies to solve word problems. There are five strategies listed below that the students learn.


    With “Make an Organized List you can organize your thinking about a problem. Recording your work in list form allows you to review that you have done and identify important steps that you need to do to complete solving the problem. This strategy provides a systematic way to record computations made with given data.

    Drawing a picture or diagram to solve problems can help you understand and manipulate data. “Draw a Picture strategy is especially useful with problems that involve mapping, geometry and graphing.

    Look for a Pattern strategy involves identifying a pattern and predicting what will come next and what will happen again and again in the same way. Making a number table often reveals a pattern.

    Make a Table” is a strategy that uses an orderly arrangement of data, such as numbers, that helps you keep track of data, spot missing data, and identify data that is asked for in the problem.

    Logical Reasoning is really used in all of the problem solving strategies. However, when answering conditional problems such as "if" and "then" type of problems you can display your data in a chart. This strategy requires formal logical reasoning.