• Virtual Enterprise


    Course Description:

    Virtual Enterprise transforms students into business professionals and entrepreneurs by bringing the workplace into the classroom. Virtual Enterprise replicates all functions of real businesses in both structure and practice. As "employees" of the virtual business, students are accountable for its performance. Students conduct market research, work cooperatively to develop and write a business plan, design and implement a website, pay wages and taxes, maintain 401(k) plans, and develop an annual report at the end of the year. The class selects a CEO and managers who oversee each department (Accounting/Finance, Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, IT/Design). Students also participate in multiple trade shows throughout the year to present and market their virtual business in a competitive marketplace with both local and global schools/firms.

    Prerequisites: Career and Financial Management (CFM), Junior or Senior class standing.


    College Credit:

    Virtual Enterprise enables qualified juniors and seniors to earn 6 college credits through Farmingdale State University's University in the High School program. Credits will be recorded on an official Farmingdale transcript and can be used to pursue a degree at Farmingdale or a transcript can be sent to any other college the student wishes to attend. For more information please visit: https://www.farmingdale.edu/academics/university-in-the-high-school.shtml