Herricks Business Department

  •  International Business

    Email:  CCommisso@Herricks.org

    Course Description:  This is a half year course that will enable students to explore the opportunities available to them in the field of International Business.  From a business perspective students will investigate the ways culture and negotiating techniques vary throughout the world and the impact it has on companies both domestic and foreign.  Students will gain a better understanding of how we live in a global economy and how so much of what we do is dependent on the actions of the rest of the world. 

     Some of the topics that will be discussed are as follows:

    • Cultural Influences on Global Business
    • Government and Global Business
    • Money Systems Around the World
    • Importing, Exporting, and trade Relations
    • International Legal Systems and Liability
    • International Career Planning
    • Global Marketing and Consumer Behavior
    • Managing International Business Risk

    Instructional Objectives:  Students will be required to complete various types of work during the year.  This includes analyzing business case studies, in class tests, class projects and presentations. 

    Course Requirements: Students are required to have a notebook to take notes as well as a folder for handouts.  Having a flash drive is also a good idea so computer work can be saved. 

    Unexcused absences and lateness will not be tolerated and will result in a detention to be served after school.  If a student has a legal absence they must talk to me immediately upon their return to make up any missed work and/or tests.  If a test or assignment is missed due to cutting a zero will be recorded in the grade book.

    Grading: Projects and Tests will make up 80% of a students quarter grade.  Class work will count as 20% of a student’s quarter grade.

    Students will be given a rubric for each major project so there are no questions as to the point value of each portion.  Staying on task will be considered when grading class projects and assignments. 

    Class Notes and Assignments:  Google Classroom will be used to keep notes and assignments.  Please see me if you are unable to access Google Classroom at any time.