Herricks Business Department

  •  Career and Financial Management

    Email: CCommisso@herricks.org

    Course Description:  This is a full year course designed to give students a broad overview of the business world.  Topics will be discussed that will be relevant to conducting business both in a students personal life and also in their future endeavors after high school.

     The main units of this course consist of:

    • Owning and operating a business
    • Influences on business
    • Marketing
    • Human resources
    • Financial and technological resources
    • Career planning
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Credit
    • Insurance
    • Money management
    • The stock market
    • Using MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint

     Instructional Objectives:  Students will be required to complete various types of work during the year.  This includes reading articles and case studies, group assignments, in class tests and projects.

    Course Requirements: Students are required to have a notebook to take notes as well as a folder for handouts.  Unexcused absences and lateness will not be tolerated and will result in a detention to be served after school.  If a student has a legal absence they must talk to me immediately upon their return to make up any missed work and/or tests.  If a test or assignment is missed due to cutting a zero will be recorded in the grade book.

    Grading: Projects and Chapter Tests will make up 80% of a students quarter grade.  Class work will count as 20% of a student’s quarter grade. 

    Class Notes and Assignments: Google Classroom will be used to keep notes and assignments for the class.  Please see me if you have trouble accessing Google Classroom at any time.