• Computer Science II

    Welcome to Mrs.Spiegel’s Computer Science II Class


    Students will continue learning algorithms and data structures in the Python programming language and will be introduced to the idea of object oriented programming. Topics to be explored in the curriculum include nested loops, lists, writing and implementing methods and classes, inheritance, recursion, analyzing the performance of algorithms and learning about multiple searching and sorting algorithms. Students will also be introduced to the Java Programming language and development environment in preparation to take the AP Computer Science course. This course will provide students with the necessary fundamentals needed to be successful in AP Computer Science. Students will submit a final project and take a final exam. This is a one semester course. PREREQUISITE: Computer Science I


    Tests and Quizzes

    Tests and quizzes will be administered at appropriate times with ample notice to the student.  Short quizzes may be given on any day but full period exams will be given on Thursday, which is the math test day.   The course concludes with a final exam.



    Projects will be assigned throughout the school year based on the current topic of study.  Time will be allotted for most projects to be started in class; however, many projects will require time outside of school.     


    Homework Assignments

    Homework is assigned regularly and will be collected and graded at random.  Homework is assigned a 30 point test grade.  Each missing homework assignment will result in a 3 point deduction from the homework test grade.  Late homework will not be accepted.


    Class work and Participation

    Being a prepared and active member of the class will aid in the student’s success.   Students are expected to arrive to class on time.  Students are also expected to use their lab time appropriately.



    -      Access to a computer with Internet connection

    -      A binder with separate section for this class

    -      A USB drive to save all of your work and projects.  This must be brought to class everyday!  Keep it in a safe place and remember to remove it from the computer after class.


    o   Failure to bring your USB will result in a penalty towards your homework grade.  You will be expected to make up all work at home.


    Extra Help: Wednesdays in room 305

    Email Address: espiegel@herricks.org