Play and Leadership - P.A.L Program

  • The Play and Leadership Program is a cooperative learning experience for kindergarten and fifth grade students.  Each fifth grader is partnered with a kindergarten "pal".  Fifth graders stay with the same "pal" for the entire year.  This program encourages play and communication among students.  The students learn to cooperate in the physical education environment.

    Kindergarten Goals:
    • Encourage communication through play.
    • Help develop locomotor, coordination, and ball skills.
    • Enhance communication, respect, and listening skills.
    • Develop an appreciation for physical activity.
    Fifth Grade Goals:
    • Develop leadership and organizational skills.
    • Understand the effect of being a positive role model.
    • Show them the power of helping others.
    • Have fun and enjoy the success of their "pals".
    • Develop a sense of responsibility and reliability.

    The Play and Leadership Program meets once each week for 30 minutes.

    Have fun.  Be safe.  Be nice.  Always try your best!!!