The Golden Sneaker

  • The Golden Sneaker Award

    This special award is given throughout the year to the classes that most consistently show respect and kindness to all the members of the Searingtown Community.

    Characteristics of a "Golden Sneaker Class"

    • Good cooperation with students and teachers.
    • Positive, helpful and friendly attitude toward all members of the school.
    • Always say "yes" when people want to join your group.  No student is left out!!!
    • Good listeners who are quiet when the teacher is speaking.  The best listeners make eye contact when the teacher gives directions.
    • Follow all class directions and school rules.
    • The entire class must walk quietly through the halls.
    • Be prepared for all classes.  Always do you best!!!
    • Play by the rules.  Help others when they do not know the rules of the game.
    • Respect the school by throwing out garbage.  The best students throw out garbage even when it does not belong to them.
    • Always have fun in Physical Education class.

    Remember the "Golden Sneaker" class is great in music, art, physical education, lunch, recess, on the bus, and in the halls. 

    Have fun.  Be safe.  Be nice. Always try your best!!!