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    Parental Help

    How Parents Can Help

    As your son or daughter progresses in the Herricks Instrumental Music Program, there are a number of ways in which you, as parents can assist in his/her success.  These tactics are especially helpful after the novelty of a new instrument has worn off.


    At home:

    -         Show an interest in the music study of your child, encourage him/her through the technical frustrations, praise your child's efforts and achievements

    -         Arrange a regular time for daily practice and help him/her to maintain it

    -         Provide a quiet place in which to practice

    -         Provide a folding music stand for the practice area

    -         Help your child with practice as much as possible

    -         Help your child keep a daily record of practice

    -         Provide a safe place in which to keep your child's instrument.

    -         Keep the instrument in good repair, with extra strings, reeds, etc.

    -         Help your child to be punctual for rehearsals and lessons

    -         Make faithful attendance at all activities important

    -         Encourage your child to perform for others when the opportunities         arise

    -         Play recordings of master artists of your child's instrument

    -         Take your child to live concerts of musical quality as often as possible (there are many wonderful local concerts, and New York is only 20 miles away)

    -         Encourage your child to hear concerts, radio broadcasts, or television shows of musical quality whenever possible


    At school:

    -         See that your child takes his/her instrument and music on the day of lessons and rehearsals

    -         Discuss with the music teacher anything which will help the teacher better understand your child