Google Classroom

  • This year we will be using Google Classroom as a platform for handing in assignments/tests, grading, and just generally communicating! Everything you will ever need for Orchestra class can be found in our Google Classroom!

    Below are the instructions for signing up and joining the correct class:

    Google Classroom Information


    Sign in for the first time

    1.     Go to and click Sign In.

    Click Sign In

    2.     Enter your Google Apps for Education username and click Next.

    Remember: Your Google Apps for Education username looks like

    Click Next

    3.     Enter the password your administrator gave you and click Sign in. (If you don’t know your password, email or go see Mr. Pickman in the computer lab:

    Click Sign in

    4.     Read the welcome message and click Accept.

    Click Accept

    5.     In the bottom-right corner, click Student.

    Click Student

    1. Join a class using the class code:
      1. Go to
      2. At the top, click Add Add.

    Tap Add

      1. Enter the class code and click Join.


    Chamber Orchestra Sign Up Code: 29l3t2n


    Concert Orchestra Sign Up Code: 05d6hb6


    9th Grade Orchestra Sign Up Code: xjaqkb