Grading Information

  • The grading scale is designed to reflect student effort, participation, and work habits. 
    No student is graded against the performance skills of another student. 
    Anyone can receive an A for working hard!

    Quarterly Grades:

    • Class Participation – 40% – Grade will be based on preparation, promptness, consistently positive class participation, rehearsal etiquette, demonstrating motivation to improve, responsibility to the ensemble and musicianship skills.

    • Performance Assessment* – 40% – Grade will be determined by performance skill and evidence of improvement on ensemble literature and assignments (etudes, scales, supplementary material). There will be one or two scheduled playing tests per quarter. When the Performance Assessment IS the concert, students will also be graded on proper concert attire and punctuality.

    • Homework Average -20%- Grade will be calculated from scores on weekly video-based homework assignments (and sometimes with alternative assignments relative to the curriculum). Each homework assignment is worth 10 points.


    All performance tests/quizzes/seating auditions will have a rubric that students will receive a digital copy of when they receive their grade. See the Sample Rubric below!

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