Places to Visit to Extend Reading...

  • Reading comprehension is enhanced by our experiences. Readers rely on their background knowledge to understand and make connections to what they are reading. Below is a collection of websites to local museums and experiences that will enrich your family's weekends.  Many of them are related to our units of study and others are just great opportunities to learn.


    A Sleepover at the Zoo!!!!

    Ever thought about catching some zzz’s in the company of zebras? How about snoozing with the snow leopards? Well, dreams come true on the Bronx Zoo’s Family Overnight Safari. After another sold-out series last year, our overnights are back!

    As always, you and your family (children 5 and older) will be treated to fun-filled activities, such as Late Night at the Bronx Zoo, in which you meet a variety of amazing animal guests. Along with some new surprises and a late-night snack to keep the energy going, this extraordinary event is sure to create memories your family will treasure. Sign up soon – space is limited. The New York Hall of Science is a great place to explore and have fun.  The many exhibits and hands-on experiences will make for a great day of learning and fun! A sleepover at the Museum of Natural History... how cool is that?!  Follow this link to find out how to have your own "night at the museum" with your family!  The Miniart Museum is a kid friendly spot to view artistic exhibitions.  Check the website for the current exhibit's details. The TD Bank Educational Theater offers quality Educational Theater to school age children across Long Island.  Upcoming shows include Frosty the Snowman.