About Ms. Etri

  • A little bit about me...

    Science has always amazed me. I remember walking along the shoreline of the Long Island Sound with my father, picking up every "pretty" shell that caught my eye. I still do this with him, except now everything from horseshoe crabs to whelks (sea snails) will intrigue me. Science is an all encompassing field. It examines life on a microscopic level in the human body to the largest macroscale we could imagine--our galaxy. It is my hope that science will inspire you to ask questions, just as it has inspired me. 


    I grew up on Long Island and lived in upstate New York for five years. My collegiate studies took me to Cornell University where I majored in biology. It was here that I was granted the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in Sweden at Uppsala University for multicultural education. Upon returning to Cornell, I was a member of the Naturalist Outreach Program where I traveled to a variety of schools in upstate New York and on Long Island, engaging students in science through hands-on presentations. After graduation, I went on to pursue my passion of teaching by attending Ithaca College's Masters in Teaching Program. 


    I believe that everyone has the ability to think critically about the world around them. If no one ever asked "Why?" we would have a very limited understanding of our surroundings. I encourage you to ask questions, be curious, and think imaginatively in our classroom. That is how all great scientists are made.