Know the Code!

  •      Coding, or programing a device to do what you want it to do, is becoming very popular in schools. Truly, it is the process behind coding that makes it so beneficial to elementary-aged students. Planning what he/she wants the program to do, problems solving when things don't go as planned, revising the plan and communicating his/her ideas with someone else are valuable skills that benefit all facets of life. The collaboration when working with others and the pride felt when the code works, make coding a valuable school activity. 


        Searingtown participates in the Hour of Code every November, but coding opportunities don't stop there! Because of the generosity by the Herricks Community Fund, Searingtown has acquired several Dash and Dot robots. Our Project Lead the Way curriculum for science includes a computer science component for each grade level. In addition, there are opportunities for using several free websites and apps that engage students in the practice of coding. Please peruse the articles below to learn more about the value of learning to code. 

Dash and Dot with accessories
Scratch Jr