Searingtown School Keyboarding Program

  • Keyboarding skills are something we develop in all grades. Whether it's typing their name in kindergarten or composing a research report in the upper grades, keyboarding skills are important in order to work efficiently. We focus our instruction on the placement of keys on the keyboard and proper typing posture. Because of virtual keyboards on devices like iPads, traditional fingering technique is not always necessary. Even though we strive to have students become "touch-typists," this is not our ultimate goal. We want them to have fluidity and ease of typing.  Speed comes with practice. 


       Parents are encouraged to look for and encourage proper typing skills when students type at home.


    Here are some "tried and true" free keyboarding web sites you and your children can enjoy.


    1. Click the letters as they appear. Focus is on keyboard familiarity. (slower pace and more time to type, good for k-2) (two finger typing, familiarity of key locations) (upper and lower case, period and spacebar, sentences)