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    Math is MORE than just numbers, more than just facts!!

    It is problem-solving!

    It is communicating!

    It is investigating!

    It is testing!

    It is playing games!

    It is trying new strategies!

    It is playing games!

    It is all around us!

    It is having fun!!!




    Ms. Bambricks's Second Grade


    Math in our classroom engages students in making sense of mathematical ideas through exploration using manipulatives, numbers, problem solving, drawing, writing, and playing games. Students develop fluency and skill that is well grounded in meaning. Students learn that they are capable of mathematical ideas, applying what they know to new situtations, and thinking and reasoning about unfamilar problems. Our program works due the collaboration between teacher, students and parents. Take home activities will involve parent support to play games as well talking about the use of mathematics in our everyday lives.

    Students are expected by the end of second grade to have developed fluency of the basic addition and subtraction facts. Students will learn tricks to help memorization and practice minute math facts.