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     Word Study

       Word Study is the study of words.

        We become better readers and writers when we study letter sounds, spelling patterns, and spelling rules. It is important to learn and master the rules so you can break the code.

         The foundation of our Word Study Program is FUNDATIONS. "Wilson Fundations makes learning to read fun while laying down the groundwork for life-long literacy. Bridging Phonics and Literacy"




    Each level of Fundations presents skills in a carefully structured scope and sequence.These build on previously taught skills and are brought forward cumulatively: from unit to unit, year to year.

    ~ Letter Formation

    ~ Phonological and Phonemic Awareness

    ~ Sound Mastery

    ~ Phonics

    ~ Vocabulary

    ~ Irregular (Trick) Word Instruction

    ~ Fluency

    ~ Comprehension

    ~ Written Composition


    As each unit is introduced a sub-page will be added detailing the skills of the unit.