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Classroom Rules

  • Above all, 

    THE Golden Rule ~ 

    Treat others the way

      you want to be treated!


    1.    Follow directions the first time given.

    2.    Allow others to talk without interrupting.

    3.    Be in the proper place at the proper time.

    4.    Keep body parts, objects, and unkind words to yourself.

    5.    Use materials, furniture, and equipment properly.


    REWARDS for following the rules ~

    Praise, prize bin pick, stickers, positive note/ phone calls home, “Good Time tickets” and most importantly ~

                           a safe classroom where everyone learns and feels good!


    CONSEQUENCES for NOT following the rules ~

    First time a student breaks a rule:         Verbal Warning

    Second time:                                         5 minutes working away from the group

    Third time:                                           10 minutes working away from the group

    Fourth time:                                          15 minutes working away from the group

    Fifth time:                                            Call home