• What is Reading Workshop?

         In our second grade classroom, reading is taught through the 
    Reading Workshop Model.

            Our lessons have been developed collaboratively among the Searingtown Second grade teachers as well as with our reading teacher Mrs. Bowie. There are 8 Units of Study throughout the school year. Every 4 to 5 weeks we focus on a different strategy or reading genre.

       *** Each day our reading workshop begins when students gather on the rug for our reading mini-lesson. This is directed teacher instruction that focuses on techniques and strategies that good readers use. The mini-lesson  usually begins with a read aloud or shared reading. 

        ** After the mini-lesson students have independent reading time. Students are reading self-selected Just-Right books. By giving the students choices in their books, it makes reading more meaningful and engaging. While the students are reading the teacher is meeting with individuals or small  guided reading groups to work on skills and strategies.

        ***  Sometimes in the middle of the independent reading time we will pause for a  "mid-workshop interruption" This is a time for the teacher to refocus the group, or to highlight the noticings of students who are trying the strategy presented in the mini-lesson.

        ***  At the end of the workshop about 5 to 10 minutes is spent giving the students an opportunity to share and reflect on strategies used in reading that day.

         The Reading Workshop model allows every child to be instructed at his/her own level and empowers children so that by the end of second grade they will be able to:

    ~ view reading as a meaning-making process, as opposed to one about words and word parts

    ~ identify and talk about many beloved titles, authors, and genres

    independently choose books of interest at their reading level

    ~ self-monitor for understanding and use fix-up strategies when necessary

    ~ engage in meaningful reading for a sustained period of time

    discuss and think about books with others