How to Tie a Shoe



    Help your Child Learn to Tie His or Her Own Shoes!


    Help preserve traditional skills and teach your child to tie shoes. There are two popular methods that work ~ "Bunny Ears" and "Bunny Around the Tree and in the Hole." The Bunny Ears method is easier for children to manage but the laces do NOT stay tied. I suggest teaching your child the traditional way ~ Bunny Around the Tree and in the Hole.

    Traditional More Secure Method ~ "Bunny Around the Tree"


    1. Make an X. Start by forming an overhand knot with the two ends of the shoelace.  This is done by crossing one end of the lace over the other and wrapping it once around the other end..  Pull on both ends of the shoelace to tighten as desired.  The ends of the lace should end up on the side of the shoe opposite the one they started on.

    2. Make a Tree with one lace. Form a loop (the "tree")  with one end of the shoelace by bringing the middle of the lace to the base of the overhead knot.  Hold this loop in place with your thumb and forefinger.

    3. The Bunny runs around the tree sees a dog and jumps into the hole." Take the other end of the shoelace and wrap it over your thumb, around the loop, and over your index finger, ending with your index finger pressing it into the bottom of the gap between your other hand’s thumb and forefinger.

    4. The Bunny now comes out of the hole. Continue to push this folded end of the shoelace through the loop created by wrapping the lace around your thumb and index finger.  Once the second loop has formed, you need to swap the loops between your hands.

    5. The Bunny now straightens out its ears to hear. Once this is complete, pull on the loops to tighten in a manner similar to how you tightened the original knot. Take care not to pull the ends of the shoelace through the knot in the middle, as it will create a new knot that is more difficult to untangle.


    Here is a cute video with a song that I will use in the class to help the students.



    * Tying a shoe requires a level of dexterity most children don't possess until they're between 5 and 7, so be patient.

     * Teach tying side-by-side or sit your child between your legs and practice on an old shoe with soft laces. 

     * If you like, color one half of the lace with a marker to make the two sides less confusing. 



    Easier "BUNNY EARS"

    This is the "Bunny Ears" Way. It works BUT does not stay tied as well as the "Bunny Around the Tree and in the Hole"  

    1. Make an X. Take one lace in each hand and make an X. Draw the top lace through the bottom of the X and pull the two laces tight. 

    2. Make Bunny Ears.Then make a loop out of each lace. Hey, look — bunny ears.

    3. Switch Ears Cross one "ear" over the other, in the opposite order of your overhand knot. And one "ear" become a tree)

    3. The Bunny Runs Around the Tree.  Bending one loop over the other 

    4. Now the Bunny Sees a Dog and Jumps in the Hole." Pass the tip of the bent ear through the hole.


    5. The Bunny straightens its ears to hear. Pull loops tight. For extra security, you can double the knot by making another overhand knot with the loops.