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Some Helpful Information


    Some Helpful Information


    for the Parents of Students in Ms. Bambrick’s Class


    SNACKS: Every afternoon we will have snack at about 2:30 PM. I ask that you please send in only a healthy snack such as fruit, carrots, cheese & crackers, low-sugar cold cereal in a bag separate from your child's lunch. No  drinks or candy!  Water in a bottle with a sports cap is fine.


    BIRTHDAYS: On your child’s birthday we will have a little celebration in the class with a sign, a cheer and a pick from the prize bag.  Please do NOTsend in treats or goodies to celebrate your child's birthday in school.  If your child’s birthday is during the summer months we will pick a day during the school year for a school birthday.


    Book Orders: Once a month I will send home the Scholastic Book Order Form.  


    SHOW & TELL: Your child will be assigned a “Show & Tell” day once a week. This is an opportunity for your child to share a toy, a picture, or a story with the class. Please encourage your child to practice speaking about what your child is sharing.


     HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT NOTEBOOK:  Your child will write down homework assignments and messages every afternoon in the blue assignment notebook. The assignment notebook will travel back and forth to school each day. Please sign near the bottom of the page when your child has completed nightly assignments.


    HOMEWORK: Homework time should be a learning/working time for your child not a battle time with you. It is your child’s responsibility to complete assignments and bring them in to school not yours.  It is best if you set a regularly scheduled time and have a specific work place with work materials for your child.  During the first week of school I will send home a copy of my homework policy with suggested materials, activities, and cartoons to help homework time. In we will discuss my homework expectations and policy and help your child develop good study habits.

     Generally homework is given four nights a week (Monday to Thursday). Homework should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The student should complete nightly homework assignments independently. There will be weekly interactive assignments that will involve a family member. It may a math game, a shared reading or writing activity. There will be two long-term assignments during the year as well as monthly book projects.


    INDEPENDENT READING: Your child should read for at least 20 minutes a day. It doesn’t really matter what your child reads – comics, picture books, magazines, and chapter books - as long as your child reads! Try to make it a family affair. Set aside a time for a family DEAR, when everyone Drops Everything And Reads (it is a great chance for you to get in some personal reading!). There will be times during the school year when I ask the students to keep a reading log for at-home reading.


    COVID Protocol: Please remember to take your child's temperature each morning before school and then report it through the Herricks App. Make sure your child wears a clean mask everyday and has a spare clean mask in his or her backpack.




    ATTENDANCE & TARDINESS: I value your child’s attendance and timeliness. Try not to take your child out of school unnecessarily. Since most of our class work is hands-on activities, discussions and response writing it is difficult to send home assignments for missed work. Of course if your child is ill for an extended period of time I will work with you and your child to make-up missed experiences.

    Any and all absences require (as per NYS Education Department law) a written note stating the reason and date for your child’s absence. This note is required even if you have called the absentee code-a-phone. Your cooperation in this matter is most important for school records. 



                As a safety reminder, if you drive to pick-up or drop-off your child, your child is a carpooler. Parents please drop off and pickup your child only at the designated spots in front of the school. Also make sure your child is buckled-up safely at all times.

    Walkers will be dismissed out the building at the door facing Netherwood Road at 3:15 PM.  Remember walkers are students who truly walk to and from school and home, not walk to the car a block down Netherwood Road, Beverly Drive, or Park Lane. This is for safety reasons. Please cooperate. Thank you!!!


                PARENT VOLUNTEERS: I look forward to having you become involved in classroom activities. There will be several field trips and many activities such as cooking projects, science experiments, chaperoning, sharing your expertise in your hobbies or job. Please let me if you are able to volunteer.


                COMMUNICATION: I truly believe in a strong home-school connection. We are all on the same team for and with your child. Please feel free to contact me via note, e-mail, or the REMIND app at any time. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am usually in the building by 8:00 in the morning; you may call the office and ask to speak to me. It is difficult though to have parent conferences at the start of the school day or at dismissal time without prior notice. Please understand if I am unable to speak at length with you at those times.


    *** Here is a link to a site that provides excellent information about working with your child at home as well as ideas on parent teacher communication.




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