About Your Teacher

  • Greetings, 

    I have been teaching at Herricks since 2003.  I started working at Denton after I graduated with my Bachelor and Master degrees in elementary and special education from the SUNY New Paltz "Inclusion Program" in 2002. I started my teaching career at Denton as an intermediate inclusion co-teacher dual certified in Elementary and Special Education.  I had my own classroom and I also co-taught with Mrs. Parisi and Mrs. Roulett. 

    In 2009, I completed my second masters in Educational Technology with the TEAM program at Long Island University. The same year, I also earned a NYS Local Assistive Technology Specialist Certificate from the TreCenter in Albany.  With this certificate, I am certified through VESID to evaluate classified students for assistive technology needs. Since 2010, I have been Denton's computer teacher/technology integration specialist as well as the Herricks' district assistive technology evaluator.  I taught and evaluated students, I provided professional development to teachers, I troubleshooted our technology equipment and programs and I took care of Denton's technology inventory and ordering.  Every classroom at Denton has 1-2 computers, a SMARTboard, a printer, iPads and 1:1 Chromebooks for students in grades 2 -5.  As the computer teacher, I have also been in charge of the NWEA testing at Denton and over the past few years I have piloted some new online assessments including NYS Computer Based Testing for the intermediate grades and the AAPPL testing for the students in our language immersion program.  

    In 2017, I went to NYIT college and completed an advanced degree in the only program in New York State that leads to certification as both a School Building Leader and Educational Technology Specialist.  In my classes, I learned about data-driven decision-making, leadership, change, organizations, and site-based management in preparation for my future as a school building leader or technology coordinator.  Shortly after graduation, I earned my initial certification for School Building Leader.  In addition to my School Building Leader certification, I currently hold permanent certifications in Elementary Education (Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten And Grades 1-6) and Special Education and a professional certificate as an Educational Technology Specialist.  I am proud of all of my education and certifications.  I love teaching and learning! 

    In addition to teaching at Denton, I like to volunteer.  Earlier in my teaching career I was a volunteer ski instructor for 10 years, where I became certified through PSIA as a Level I - Adaptive Ski Instructor for blind and developmentally disabled skiers.  While pursuing my second masters, I volunteered with the International Society for Technology in Education - ISTE and their Special Education Technologies Special Interest Group.  I volunteered with this SIG through their name change to the Inclusive Learning Network and I was president of their board in 2014-2015.  Since 2010, I have also a been a Girl Scout leader and I have led my troop from Daisies to Ambassadors.  Over the past few summers, I have also volunteered with an organization where I participate in service projects throughout my community with my daughter and her youth group.  

    I love working at Herricks and I look forward to working with the students, their families and our teachers this and every school year.  See you in Sepember! 


    Christine Lorenzo (a.k.a. Ms. Southard) 

    Denton Technology Integration Facilitator 
    2020-2021 3rd Grade Remote Teacher
    NYS Local Assistive Technology Specialist 
    Herricks UFSD